Molecular-designs – A collection of jewellery and ties based on chemicals which shape our everyday existence…

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Earrings and pendants

Molecules of life


Love and happiness

• Dopamine - happiness

• Serotonin - emotions

• Norepinephrine - focus

• Phenylethylamine - love

Feel good

• Aspirin - saves lives

• Paracetamol - relief

• Vitamin C - protection

Sweet and sexy

• Fructose

• Oestrogen - sexy

• Progesterone - fertility

• Diamond


• Acetylcholine - relax

• Alcohol - relax

• GABA - relax


• Adrenaline - passion

• Caffeine - stimulating


• Capsaicin - spicy

• Piperine and salt

• Umami - tasty


• Honey...

• Lavender...

• And more...

Ties -

• Capsaicin - chilli

• Fructose - sweet

• Testosterone - sexy

Coming soon...

A pharmaceutical series

• Morphine tie

• Prozac earrings/necklace

• Ritalin earrings...

• Viagra tie

Science as art…


Each piece of jewellery or tie is a work of art. They are intended to spark the imagination about the beauty and simplicity of chemicals which shape our lives, from natural chemicals to pharmaceutical medicines.  

These unique designs are based on molecules with special meaning using standard colours in chemistry. Unlike most jewellery or ties, each piece is truly unique as they are sculpted by me especially for the person, with no two pieces being alike!  The meaning of these molecules can help you focus on what is important in your life.  They make a beautiful gift for someone really special, a thoughtful leaving present for a colleague, or treat yourself… Each piece is presented in a sumptuous hand-made heavy black box with velvet, cards and artwork about your molecule.