Molecular-designs – A collection of jewellery and ties based on chemicals which shape our everyday existence…

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Jewellery -

Earrings and pendants

Molecules of life


Love and happiness

• Dopamine - happiness

• Serotonin - emotions

• Norepinephrine - focus

• Phenylethylamine - love

Feel good

• Aspirin - saves lives

• Paracetamol - relief

• Vitamin C - protection

Sweet and sexy

• Fructose

• Oestrogen - sexy

• Progesterone - fertility

• Diamond


• Acetylcholine - relax

• Alcohol - relax

• GABA - relax


• Adrenaline - passion

• Caffeine - stimulating


• Capsaicin - spicy

• Piperine and salt

• Umami - tasty


• Honey...

• Lavender...

• And more...

Ties -

• Capsaicin - chilli

• Fructose - sweet

• Testosterone - sexy

Coming soon...

A pharmaceutical series

• Morphine tie

• Prozac earrings/necklace

• Ritalin earrings...

• Viagra tie

Caffeine – for stimulation……

Earrings and pendants…

Each piece of jewellery is custom made for the person, with no two pieces being the same. Designs are based on the shape of chemicals which bring pleasure and happiness. I have used standard colours from chemistry to represent each individual atom but I can use different colours depending on your taste. Choosing a molecule will depend on what gives you enjoy together with their visual appearance. I would suggest looking through the collection of molecules so far to find a piece of special significance or get in touch with an idea and I sketch out a new design especially for you! I can also create larger or smaller pieces depending on your taste.  All my pieces are light to wear, with smaller intricate pendants measuring 6cm and larger pieces up to 12cm.  For earrings I make simpler lighter designs, with smaller pieces at 5cm and larger pieces at 10cm. These custom made pieces of jewellery look especially striking against black. 

Your piece will be sculpted by me using silver, copper and coloured metals. Each piece comes inside a sumptuous black box decorated with artwork together with information about your molecule. All pieces are presented on sterling silver on a chain, a choker or ear-wires.