Molecular-designs – A collection of jewellery and ties based on chemicals which shape our everyday existence…

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Jewellery -

Earrings and pendants

Molecules of life


Love and happiness

• Dopamine - happiness

• Serotonin - emotions

• Norepinephrine - focus

• Phenylethylamine - love

Feel good

• Aspirin - saves lives

• Paracetamol - relief

• Vitamin C - protection

Sweet and sexy

• Fructose

• Oestrogen - sexy

• Progesterone - fertility

• Diamond


• Acetylcholine - relax

• Alcohol - relax

• GABA - relax


• Adrenaline - passion

• Caffeine - stimulating


• Capsaicin - spicy

• Piperine and salt

• Umami - tasty


• Honey...

• Lavender...

• And more...

Ties -

• Capsaicin - chilli

• Fructose - sweet

• Testosterone - sexy

Coming soon...

A pharmaceutical series

• Morphine tie

• Prozac earrings/necklace

• Ritalin earrings...

• Viagra tie

.Sexy oestrogen – all woman earrings


Each piece of jewellery is made custom made, costing £75.00, with ties at £65.00. This price celebrates the launch of molecular-designs. Postage and packaging is an additional £2.95 for first class or recorded delivery in the UK or abroad, with special delivery at £5.95. Payment must be received prior to starting a commission. You will soon be able to pay online but in the meantime please do get in touch directly to make your order by e-mail or tel: 01865 790 188.

To make a piece especially for you it would be useful if you could get in touch with the following information:-

 - Your molecule of choice

 - Choice of pendant, earrings or tie*

 - Size – small/medium or large**

 - Delivery - address and date

Dr Lizzie Burns


* Please consider how you would like your piece to be presented:-

 - For pendants – sterling silver choker or a snake-chain with an extender

 - For earrings – sterling silver ear wires for pierced ears or screw-in earrings for non-pierced ears

 - For ties – a black silk tie or another colour

** Size will depend on your molecule of choice with jewellery varying from 5cm up to 12cm, and tie designs from 3 to 5.5cm.